Winslow Garage

Happy Holidays  2020!

Happy Holidays Friends!


Thank you all for coming out to see the shows at Winslow Garage.

Your participation keeps me believing in vitality of the artist community and clarifies the continued need for this little space to exist. Truly, I’ve enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you.


Just a little reminder that purchasing art is a great way to support our community. This has been a strange and turbulent year, so making small, meaningful connections can really brighten and enrich our lives. Most of the artists listed in the archive section of our site have their own websites. You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or their preferred platform. You can easily buy, prints, books, or whatever artworks they present from the safety of your own home.


Of course, you can also take a look at the shop section on the Winslow Garage site which has a few wonderful pieces by various artists for sale.  A percentage of the sales keeps Winslow Garage functioning.


Finally, I would like to do a little shameless self promotion for my jewelry website, where you can purchase limited edition, handcrafted jewelry. You are always welcome to come by and see me when we are not on lock down.


Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!


Elizabeth Wild