Winslow Garage


Zine Release Party @ Winslow Garage

 Dec 5, 2021 2-5 pm



Launching the limited edition “catalogue zine” of Yesterday’s TomorrowLand Today art show at Winslow Garage from 2019 that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Hosted by curators Ann Magnuson and Alexa Hunter as well as artist Kenny Scharf and Winslow Garage!


Dress in Spaceous Clothes! Or Silver and White! Prizes for best outift and best Covid mask!


Moonscape art installation inside the gallery space with artwork by Ann Magnuson. Plus the Stanley Kubrick Memorial 2001 Korova Cosmonaut Milk Bar!


Special appearances by Robert Dayton as The Mayor of Moonville and Zachary Street as H.G. Wells! Plus Intergalactic Soviet Singing Sensation KЇББLЭS И ЪЇҐS.


Ann Magnuson’s new Club 57 2022 Calendar will be for sale at a special holiday price!



Tang provided!


Upcoming Exhibitions:


Jan.9 2022/ Dominique Zeltzman