Winslow Garage


Atomic Holidaze Space Event

A Launch for the limited edition “catalogue zine” of Yesterday’s TomorrowLand Today art show at Winslow Garage from 2019 that celebrated the 50th anniversarry of the moon landing! Hosted by curators Ann Magnuson and
Alexa Hunter as well as by artist Kenny Scharf and Winslow Garage.

This event featured a Spaceous costume and covid mask contest, a moonscaped art installation inside the gallery space with artwork by Ann Magnuson and The Standly Kibrick Memorial 2001 Korova Cosmonaut Milk Bar!

Special appearances by Robert Dayton as The Mayor of Moonvile and Zachary Street as H.G. Wells. Plus, a special performance by Intergalactic Soviet Singing Sensation KЇББLЭS И ЪЇҐS.