Winslow Garage


Ana Fernandez
Eastside Westside

Winslow Garage is pleased to present Eastside Westside, a series of watercolor paintings by Texas artist Ana Fernandez based on the ten years that she spent living in Los Angeles.

Fernandez is an observational landscape painter with a clear focus on the discrepancies revealed between aspirations and the economic realities portrayed in her Latino centered urban scenes. Depicting inflatable party castles and businesses “under new management,”
Fernandez is frequently drawn to imagery that speaks to the temporary nature of existence. The delicate, uncontrollable qualities of watercolor highlight the beauty and the struggle of these sometimes fantastic and forever fleeting moments.

Fernandez received her MFA from UCLA and her BFA from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been exhibited at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, the Institute of Texas Cultures, Women & Their Work in Austin, Guadalupe Cultural Center, Blue State Art Museum, and at many other venues throughout the United States. This will be her second exhibition at Winslow Garage