Winslow Garage


Ana Fernandez

Winslow Garage is pleased to present "Texas", a series of new paintings by artist Ana Fernandez. In this most recent body of work, Fernandez depicts landscapes from her largely middle-class neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas. Fernandez, who frequently augments her observational paintings with an ominous sky or super-saturated color, paints landscapes filled with party balloons, left over holiday decorations, and bad-ass trucks. In her hands, elements of Chicano ritual and mythology enliven deadpan scenes of banal domesticity. Fernandez's engaging works expertly negotiate the uneasy relationship between the lively exuberance of the inhabitants of her paintings and the reality of their mundane existence.

Fernandez holds an MFA from UCLA and a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been shown in cities throughout the United States, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Antonio.