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Joe Girandola

Joe Girandola, Kentucky Derby Duct Tape Work

Joe Girandola's artistic works attract attention to minute details often overlooked in the corrupt rush of modern society. Though classically trained as a stone carver in Italy, he has veered away from marble and granite to concentrate on 3D relief drawings,paintings,and found-object sculptures. Prevalent use of duct tape, fiberglass milk crates and discarded objects are used to analyze a culture that is in need of drastic repair. Girandola searches for an unwritten language in works dealing with the methods that a civilization creates to band-aid self-inflicted flaws:"Ill communication", so to speak. Duct tape bandages become a uniquely American media to create paintings representing the "quick fix" mentality prevalent in our society. Interpreting unique architectural landscapes athat are rapidly disappearing with a variety of 2 and 3 dimensional media, Girandola evaluates often-unforeseen mark making and continues to question the role of art making in an increasingly damaged society.