Winslow Garage


Sarah Granett 
The Galloping Snail

Our perception has to be tickled all the time. --Agnès Varda

At a gallop, the snail! We scribble while crawling in the wake of God.
We live more quickly than ourselves, the pen doesn’t follow. To paint the present, which is
passing us by, we stop the present.

--Hélène Cixous, Without End, No, State of Drawingness, No, Rather: The Executioner’s
Taking Off

After the Galloping Snail, 2019
18 minutes, loop.

After the Galloping Snail is a digital slide show by Sarah Granett. It gathers and presents a
sequence of digital collage-drawings which were initially shared on the instagram feed
@phoneypntng. These images were made by Granett from 2014-2017 using an android
phone, its native camera function and the drawing app, PicsArt.
By taking phone-photographs, and drawing on tthem, and manipulating them digitally, the
artist practices a graffiti-esque, material-defying engagement with time and place. Granett
describes the process as compulsive, habitual and addictive, driven by desire, feeling,
reverence and curiosity for the temporal world.
This drawing activity was repeated on a near-daily basis snd generated nearly 1000 imagea,
of which roughly 600 were posted to @phoneypntng.
Now presented in a slide show format, the images are set in the system of a projected video
loop. The viewer cannot pause, rewind or speed forward. In this context, the images replace
typical units of time and position the viewer in a durational experience marked by drawing.
In this experience of image and time, Granett suggests we might think of the visual cadence
as a variety of respiration in which these images-- improvised, provisional records of fleeting
experience-- pass in and out, and carry us along.
Sarah Granett is a visual artist. Her work investigates painting and its structures through
psycho-materially engaged abstraction. Granett earned an MFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts.
She also studied at Bard College (BA), the New York Studio School, and CSU Sacramento.