Winslow Garage


Jacobine Van Der Meer
Black Box Requiem

For the exhibition BLACK BOX Requiem, Jacobine van der Meer has created an installation in which the point of departure is the Winslow Garage building itself. A space like a box, in a bucolic neighborhood of Los Angeles, with a large crack in the floor caused by an earthquake. Once inside the viewer becomes part of a multidimensional hallucinatory visualization of the aftermath of a disaster where nature has taken over.
Through the use of a total mix up of drawing, painting, sculpture and projections van der Meer explores the separation between the natural and the manufactured, the outside and the inside as well as the role of the viewer.

Van der Meer has an extensive background in special effects make up and prosthetic sculpture for the film industry. She incorporates materials and techniques used for film and stage productions. Dividing her time between Los Angeles and Landers in the Mojave desert, she often lets the contrasts of these disparate environs inhabit her work.

Van der Meer has had solo exhibitions at Conduit Gallery and at The Public Trust in Dallas, Texas. Her work has been included in exhibitions in Riverside, Los Angeles, Miami, and Joshua Tree and is represented in private collections in The United States and The Netherlands.