Winslow Garage


Valerie Mrején. Video Shorts

French Artist Valérie Mréjen is known for her succinct observation of the human condition.
Her probing psychological studies of individuals and their interactions run the gamut from
humorous to tragic. Language and its limitations is often a subject for Mréjen. In this set of quirky video portraits, individuals were asked to recall a memory. The resulting narrative highlights the participants ideosyncrasies as well as poignantly unites them through their all too human common flaws.

Mréjen is a published author,a filmaker, and an internationally known fine artist.
The video portraits shown here were made in Paris and in Los Angeles.
Video Portraits is an ongoing project.
Mréjen's extensive biography includes recent exhibitions at he Biennale de Turin and ARCO
Madrid (stand D.A.P.)
All work courtesy Gallerie Cent8 Paris.