Winslow Garage


Night Watchers

Night Watchers, a video presentation curated by Michele Mano
with work by Rodney Austin, Tucker Bennett, Mark Boswell, Seth Childs, Kalissa Conlon, Patricia Esquivias,
Dale Hoyt, Gabrielle Jennings, Alex Killough, Lynn Marie Kirby, Kent Long, Katina Papson, Jose Ruiz, and Samantha L. Stowe.

Winslow Garage in collaboration with Mechele Manno announces, "Night Watcher's, a Night of Video on the Lawn. Tthe residence at Winslow Garage in Los Angeles will be transformed into an outdoor video extravaganza. In the spirit of the drive-in movie theater--reaching it's peak popularity in the late 1950's and early 1960's, particularly in rural areas--combined with the tailgate party, a supercharged, urban picnic centered around a sporting event sets the tone for non-narrative video to wipe out any memory of the Hollywood Blockbuster.

The pieces selected for Night Watchers centers around a consistent theme of performance and gesture. Many of the artists perform literally, in front of the camera, while many use moving image to convey their positioning in an extended reality. The camera can become the eye as they see, and video technology carries a personality through editing processes. No matter what angle, tool or approach they chose to take, their presence is inherently obvious. The artists curated for this show come from different cities and varied degrees of experience. Some have long-standing careers and are recognized internationally and some are self-taught. No matter age or education they are serious and committed to their medium using humor in all possible iterations. Come out to the "lawn" they'll put a smile on your face and we'll feed you. (Drinks and refreshments will be available for purchase.)

The screening begins at 9:30pm and is in no way designed for classic viewing. Building on performance and gesture, all work will be delivered "live" in a vj style format by VJ M.MANNO. There will be two segments with a thirty-minute intermission