Winslow Garage


Elizabeth Wild

Grow is a selection of photographs that serve as a meditation on the wonder and magic
of childhood. It is also a record of my personal growth as I witness the development of
my children as they approach adulthood. Like all my photographs, they reflect my
attitudes and interests outside of being representations of their subjects, so they are not
really "nice" pictures of kids. Many of them are humorous because living with children
makes the world seem funny- at least most of the time.

Elizabeth Wild is a multi-media artist and designer living in Los Angeles, California. She works in a wide range of materials and is primarily interested in the interaction of humans and the environment. Wild earned her MFA from The Ohio State University with a concentration in glass and her BA from The University of Virginia with a major in painting and a minor in Art History. Ms. Wild has gone on to create a number of public artworks in southern California including works for the Department of Cultural Affairs/LA, the Community Redevelopment Agency/LA and the Art Council of Long Beach. Wild is the recipient of numerous fellowships including one from the Fundacîon Valpariso in Almerîa, Spain, a FIVA fellowship from The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts in cooperation with the Corcoran Callery of Art, and two fellowships from The Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Washington.