Winslow Garage


Dominique Zeltzman
Selected Work

In her Los Angeles premier, Dominique Zeltzman presents two videos and a 2D work exploring domesticity, imposter syndrome, and the female body. Her video Balance contrasts the sexy femme executive with the eccentric domestic. In Memorial Shoes, she takes solace in fashion while reckoning with the death of her mother. And, in the work Continuum,  she presents frames from her video installation Radical Home where she explores the container as a social construct while crawling, crouching, and scurrying along a perimeter of NYT disacter scenes and banal images of her house.

Dominique Zeltzman is a Baltimore based video installation and performance artist. A choreographer and dancer in San Francisco for fifteen years, her work has been presented at the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Lab in SF, the Flynn Theater in Burlington, VT, Movement Research at the Judson Church in NYC and CSTA in the Czech
Repubic among others. She recived her MFA in Intermedia and Digital Art from the University of British Colombia and teaches video, photography, and intersectional arts. Her 2002 video short, Girl Under the Table toured festivals in San Francisco, New York, Paris, Chicago, Toronto, Hollywood, anad Bolona, Italy.