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Jane and Anthony Polkinghorne
Polk-a-Polk Films

Polk-a-Polk Productions is the Australian brother and sister film making team Anthony and Jane Polkinghorne. Over the last few years they have brought a very particular ‘vision’ to the short film genre. Their vision is not predicated on insights into human emotion, but is rather a deep probe into toilet humour that is combined with a rambunctious and camp sensibility. Humour and disgust blend together in a perverse almost non-sexual way, and perhaps that is
the most perverse thing of all.

By utilizing the same group of actors a strange continuity builds up as each film is viewed. But the continuity is not of plot or character. This is a continuity of disgust, absurd personas and filthy actions all streamlined into films running no longer than 7 minutes. There is no time to get bored although the more squeamish may simply be repulsed into leaving.

Polk-a-Polk films are populated with zombies. monsters, space sluts, and other over wrought, over signified film staples. However through the device of humour these filmic signs are rendered ludicrous and more often than not reduced to or brought asunder by the scatological .

Parental warning: There is nudity, there is dancing, there is mud.

Apart from their sibling relationship Polk-a-Polk Productions have been working together since 1991??. A lack of ambition and of course finances has left them cursed to only make films running 7 minutes or less. Jane has been living in Los Angeles for the past 2 years, while Anthony has been based in Sydney. Hopefully their reunion later this month will bear fruit and more of their genius will make it to the big screen soon, although they would also be happy with the small screen!