Winslow Garage

Three Walks: St. Thomas / Red Bank / Salton Sea by Elizabeth Leister is a 46-page perfect bound book with her photographs and text further examining these three landscapes and her experiences within them.


Her research began with a phenomenon where lost architectural structures and entire communities are being revealed, as waters recede in lakes and reservoirs due to extreme drought conditions. Leister visited three such landscapes, walked these arid terrains, to witness and experience each environment.  Her three-channel installation, shown at Winslow Garage in October 2018, and the book are a contemplation on the shifts in nature due to climate change and the impact of these troubling man-made transformations.


Her personal exploration of these places: searching for exposed ruins, witnessing the devastated landscape while enduring debilitating temperatures are the subject of this work.  They can be read as a metaphor for what we remember and what we choose to forget, personally and collectively.   Handwriting, a disappearing practice, no longer being taught in many schools, figures as a storytelling tool in the book.  The physical and psychological experience of walking alone in nature as a woman, an ongoing theme in Leister’s work, also figures prominently.


Book - $25.00